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GRA-GHS's focus on health has switched to that global context.

GRA-GHS is a multicultural organization and a global humanitarian arm of GRA Mission Squad Global. We connect dedicated medical professionals, business leaders, investors, and others passionate about helping those in desperate health needs, especially children and women in developing nations by:

  • Supporting the health of over 10,000 individuals, largely women and children.
  • Fighting the injustice and lack of good health equity.
  • Advocating and supporting family planning, prenatal care, and malaria prevention
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Commitment To Diversity And Equity

In GRA-GHS, we are proud to represent different national, racial, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds, collaborating across fields and sectors to form a robust, close-knit network of trailblazers. Our diversity as a community is our potency, driving our ability to be compassionate, creative, and efficient leaders in the health equity movement as we engage the world with dignity and integrity.

Our Vision

In this decade and the next decade, we envision a world where children, boys, and girls, young men and women, older men and women will live healthily, eat healthily, be prosperous and enjoy a dignified life. It is achievable through fighting injustice and lack of good health equity.

Our Impact

The world economies are now globalized, with extensive commerce and international travels. That is why our focus on health has switched to that global context. Access to quality health care has proven to open the door to sound education and economic opportunities for individuals, families, and local communities. It supports and propels humanity forward and also helps businesses to prosper.


Healthy humanity is creative and innovative and will momentously advance.

We collaborate with local partners to bolster health systems. We advise public institutions, businesses, grassroots groups, investors, and other NGO groups to collaborate with us to solve the global health crisis.

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