Dr. Tayo Emmanuel


Dr. Tayo Emmanuel serves as the Director of GRA-GHS, demonstrating nothing but passion and love for the marginalized communities lacking health infrastructures and inadequate health care. Dr. Tayo has experience working as a philanthropist, author, conference speaker, and professional developer. As the Director of GRA-GHS, Dr. Tayo raises awareness and leads a team of global servant-leaders who are catalysts for change in medical missions, international conflict management, mission resolution forums, and health care complex challenges marked by globalization addressing inadequate health care workers and resources. With Dr. Tayo's leadership, GRA-GHS and its local partners maximize the limited healthcare resources to transform the wellness of the underserved population by closing the health equity gap among the marginalized.

Mrs. Sarah Emmanuel


Mrs. Sarah Emmanuel is the co-director of GRA-GHS, an environmental scientist, and educator. She strongly advocates for individuals and families around the globe. Sarah is an entrepreneur and president of Family Development and Samaritan Foundation, Inc. (FDSF), a non-profit that stands to be a "voice to the voiceless." She works towards aiding orphans, educating young girls and women, and providing expectant mothers, children, and low-income families with sustainable resources. Through their leadership in GRA -GHS, Dr. Tayo and Mrs. Sarah tirelessly work to improve individuals' and communities' health by expanding their healthcare access. Their collaborations and connections with health and governmental officials in underserved communities have created a groundbreaking, innovative, and enrichment of opportunities that provide medical aid in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Cameroon, and Jamaica, among many others. As the director and co-director of the Africa Entrepreneur and Socioeconomic Development Association (AESDA), they envision an African continent free from hunger, health inequality, and malnutrition by 2030 by providing a research-based policy solution that sustainably reduces poverty and end hunger and health inequality.

Why You Should Join Us

The next generation of global citizens---our children will possess a 21st century health care services that embraces equal access to the opportunities and universal services they need to thrive regardless of the child’s economic status or where the child is born.

Good health opens doors to education and economic opportunity for individuals and families. It strengthens communities and helps markets grow. It’s the foundation of a safer, more just, and more prosperous world for all of us. It moves humanity forward.

Children, adolescents and young people living with, or at risk of developing, non-communicable diseases require health care, education, and social and community services specific to their needs and their families’ needs

We believe that Improving access to health workers with the right skills, in the right numbers, and in the right places is crucial to global health progress and investment in health employment has bears tremendous economic returns.

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